Friday Funnies!

Man! Im gonna get teary eyed “cries”

I love this. So inspiring to say PUMPKIN!

Here is a video of Susie sheep asking Peppa a question but Peppa’s in Roblox lol!

Can we take one minute of silence for the duck song?

Here is a video of a kid saying he likes Turtles! I like turtles to man.

We all go through hard times. Here is some music and a cute frog to make you happy!

If i’m being honest, I really like this song. And I love Kermit The Frog!

Barney sure has some dancing skills! Here is a 21 second video of him dancing.

My Dream Bedroom! :D

Here are some things I would have in my dream bedroom!

I just moved so I already did my dream room, but here are some things I would add!

  1. I must have a mini fridge because I could have water in there whenever I am thirsty. I think this would be cool to add because I don’t have a mini fridge and I would really like to add one. If i could color it, it would be plain white because I might want to paint it or add stickers! I would put it on my desk because my desk has a lot of room
  2. Another thing I must have in my room is a swinging chair. I would add a swinging chair in the corner of my room. I want a swinging chair because I want to do school on it and swing. 
  3. Lastly, I must have a bunch of hairy lights in my room. I would really want fairy lights because they could be a night light and they are really pretty. I would put them next to my bed. 
  4. Link for fairy lights: