Christmas Favorites

Christmas song: It’s the most Wonderful time of the year by Andy Williams

Christmas Treat: Sugar cookies because they are so good. I am looking forward to making them with my mom. I am also looking forward to have snickerdoodle cookies.


Best Christmas Movie : Christmas Chronicles because it is so funny Quote:”Who can eat millions of cookies in one night and not get fat? Well, I can. – Found at:” (Santa)

Favorite Christmas Activity: Sitting by the fire with hot chocolate watching Christmas movies and you need to be in matching Christmas pajamas. Oh, and put your dogs in Christmas sweaters.

Best Christmas Gift: A Mack book Air because you can do school on it and you can play games on it. You can also decorate it as much as you want.

The best Christmas meme is this:

The best Christmas gift to give is a Mack book air!

Best Christmas fact is Christmas trees were first used by ancient Egyptians and Romans.

One Christmas memory is we were sitting by the fire and opening gifts. My mom made an awesome Breakfast and we talked and had so much fun.

Friday Funnies!

Man! Im gonna get teary eyed “cries”

I love this. So inspiring to say PUMPKIN!

Here is a video of Susie sheep asking Peppa a question but Peppa’s in Roblox lol!

Can we take one minute of silence for the duck song?

Here is a video of a kid saying he likes Turtles! I like turtles to man.

We all go through hard times. Here is some music and a cute frog to make you happy!

If i’m being honest, I really like this song. And I love Kermit The Frog!

Barney sure has some dancing skills! Here is a 21 second video of him dancing.

My Dream Bedroom! :D

Here are some things I would have in my dream bedroom!

I just moved so I already did my dream room, but here are some things I would add!

  1. I must have a mini fridge because I could have water in there whenever I am thirsty. I think this would be cool to add because I don’t have a mini fridge and I would really like to add one. If i could color it, it would be plain white because I might want to paint it or add stickers! I would put it on my desk because my desk has a lot of room
  2. Another thing I must have in my room is a swinging chair. I would add a swinging chair in the corner of my room. I want a swinging chair because I want to do school on it and swing. 
  3. Lastly, I must have a bunch of hairy lights in my room. I would really want fairy lights because they could be a night light and they are really pretty. I would put them next to my bed. 
  4. Link for fairy lights: